Stop the Glorification of Busy, Part One: The Crash and Burn

Creative/ Planning: the 1st step toward success/ Thinking

One day, comrades, I CRASHED and BURNED, mentally and physically.

For so many years I just kept telling myself, “If I just had a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit more time…!”

During grad school everything seemed to be taking a turn for the worse! My first semester was exciting and also TERRIBLE.  I kept looking at all the THINGS I was doing/needed to do/wanted to do and inevitably…

So, I made some excuses about why things were slipping.

I live 200 miles away from campus.

I’m so busy!

I miss my husband.

I have class from 8am-5:30pm Monday thru Thursday.

I miss my puppies.

I read an average of 24 chapters worth of literature per week.

I’m so close to my nieces and nephews and I’m too busy to even visit.

I’m tired!

I’m so busy!

I write an average of three papers per week.

I miss my husband.

I want to meet friends for wine/cheese/chocolate…

I’m tired!

I’m just going to spend a few minutes on social media…

TV break, you know just one show (ahem)…

I have artwork I need to work on.

I also have my own artwork I want to work on.

I’m the class president, so there are meetings and conferences that I have to attended.

I miss my puppies.

I’m going to take a little nap.

I’m so busy!

I’m attempting to have a social life.

I’m running 25-30 miles per week.

I’m tired!

I’m trying to eat healthy.

—-Dude, my excuses and this list could go on for a mile.

I had glorified ‘BUSY’.

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