Cake Lovers

Who doesn’t love Cake? Here’s what people are saying about us:

“After being burned by a launch company, I hired Cake Creative to help market my new book. Co-founder Kim has been amazing. She’s extremely, very, super proactive; for example, when she wanted to pitch my book to a magazine and couldn’t find an e-mail address, she called and pitched them over the phone (and got a positive response!). You don’t see that kind of resourcefulness these days, when the Internet makes everything so easy (and everyone so lazy). Kim is also getting results: She has some very impressive, influential people reading my book right now, including an Emmy-winning TV news reporter, and has lined up several guest posts and podcast interviews. I highly recommend Cake Creative Collective!” – Linda Formichelli, Renegade Writer Press co-founder and all-around freelance badass

“Working with Kim was a great experience. She gave me a whole new set of tools to work with, useful not only for this book but for future projects. Even the initial questionnaire forced me to examine our positioning in a different light, and uncovered some interesting strengths and weaknesses! If you’re considering working with Kim on your book, I’d highly recommend it.” – Corie Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press

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