Cake Services

We’re excited about helping you gather the tools you need to succeed. Here’s how we can help:

Author platform: We believe in the power of the author platform. We’ll review your web page and, if needed, make recommendations for improvements. And what about your blog? (YES, you need a blog. Even if it’s not your focus.) We’ll talk you down and get you comfortable with that, too. We want you to have a solid foundation on which to build a lasting impact.

Email list development: Yes, you do need an email list! And you also need a strategy for engaging with the folks on your list with terrific, exclusive content.

Media Kit: We’re opposed to dull, trash-worthy media kits. We’ll help you got one together for your web page and for any outreach you do. This is an important tool for your author toolkit, as it gives the people you want to help promote you the easy, fast quotes, photos and content they need to do it with. Help people say yes!

Social Media: We’ll help you find your tribe and come up with terrific content. Social media usage is so important that we only work with clients who are either using it already—however minimally—or who are open to the idea of starting.

Editing: Oh, my, no. I don’t edit, because I’m terrible at it. But we have editing services for you via two execellent editos excellent editors! (<– That was a real typo.)

Illustrations: Yes! Ask us. (Preview page to come.)

Facebook ads: (Soon!)

Get in touch: moc.e1511400950vitce1511400950lloCe1511400950vitae1511400950rCeka1511400950C@miK1511400950

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