Feeling Lucky?

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I was siting here in my office (AKA the cutest local coffee shop downtown) the other day thinking.  I do that sometimes. I was thinking about good stuff, feeling grateful, and being productive.

Someone popped by my table that I hadn’t seen in while.  We caught up for about five minutes when she said “You’re so LUCKY!” I said “Wow, thanks…life is good…”  and changed the subject to her adorable flaxen haired cherub.

But I was really thinking — No, I just do it differently!

  • I start each day with a positive mindset no matter what happened the day before.
  • I accept, even laugh at my own and other’s imperfections
  • I spend time thinking about the end product, the goal, and the WORK required to get there.
  • I spend time enjoying the journey, not worrying about which road I am “supposed” to take.
  • I live in the here and now.
  • I look forward and don’t dwell on my past.
  • I talk to everyone, network, and smile at strangers.
  • I do stuff, lots of stuff- fun stuff, boring stuff, hard stuff, and easy stuff.
  • I ask questions, investigate, and take chances.
  • I make mistakes—LOTS OF THEM—sometimes more than once! But I never give up on myself.
  • That’s right I said it, and I’m going to own it. I’m not lucky because nothing just happens.

Yes, I do believe we can manifest things into our life, but not out of thin air. I’m what people think of as “lucky” because I work hard.

I enjoy turning “my can’t into cans, and dreams into plans.”

I wish I would have said this to my distant friend. I wish I would have passed that on.  Maybe that’s why she came to the table? Maybe I was supposed to excite her, help her light her own fire, and tell her how much ass she can kick. I won’t let that moment slip by again!

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