Unique, Effective, Creative and Simple |Part 2| Just Start

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How the heck do I even start to write a business plan?
Yeah, that’s a great question.

I thought I would share a little introduction into what a business plan is, what a business plan includes, and how you can use your creative genius to make your business plan unique, effective, creative, and simple.

A business plan should be designed to guide your business in the right direction. A business plan is also a great way to document your ideas and goals for your business. It’s a structural tool that can keep you and your business going down the road you envision.
The basic purpose of a business plan is to identify the aim and overarching goals of your business. It will also help you figure out if what you aspire to accomplish is actually viable in the current economic situation.

Don’t think writing your business plan as a chore, think of it as a way to develop your passion, make your goals a reality, and a chance to network with other creative voices in your field. There is nothing wrong with asking for help…in fact we encourage it.

All in all a business plan is a custom road map, a road map that outlines all of the steps involved in reaching your business goals and and objectives, a road map to your dream business. Your business plan is a unique, effective, creative, and simple road map to success. <——See how I keep repeating that? That’s for you, YOU are all of those things, commit that to memory and I’ll continue to help remind you too!

You: “But Jennifer, Kim…how do I START?”
Us: “You just start, you creative kick-ass entrepreneur! Now, let’s get going and start creating.”

Ideas for starting to craft your business plan in a unique and creative way:

Get in a comfy spot for creating, release the idea that this has to be perfect, and don’t think about the end product. Just trust the process.

  • Create a vision board through collage, photography, doodles, paint, words, or whatever sparks your fancy. You can also use an online space like Pinterest to collect images and make notes that describe the feeling and meanings behind the pictures…notes are great.
  • Make a mind map. Grab a few different color markers, pens, highlighters and color code the sections so they stand out.
  • Doodle, yes doodle, you did it during science class in middle school, did you know it can be a highly effective tool for planning too? Doodle on!

Include the following in your vision board or mind map…or both:

  • Your main goals and objectives for your business
  • What you would personally like to get out of the business you are developing (being able to travel, balance your business and your family dedication, enable you to leave a current employer, the list is endless here…it’s up to you.)
  • Road blocks you may encounter along the way
  • How you intend to conquer the road blocks
  • Your definition of a successful business.


Place you creation somewhere you can see it on a daily basis.

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