Stop the Glorification of Busy, Part Two: Something Had to Give

Creative/ Planning: the 1st step toward success/ Success

Need to catch up? Part One of this series will get you to the point where I realized I was glorifying busy. Sound familiar? Here’s how I got a handle on it.


Exhaustion is a funny thing; you’re often too worn out to see your way out of the habits that got you there. But eventually I realized that I was wearing “busy” as a badge, and that this was stupid and not working out. I knew “busy” was’t who I was; it was a choice I was making. I was making excuses instead of a plan. This was part of the crash and burn.

During the crash and burn I realized something had to give.

Comrades, the excuses were what needed to crash and burn, not me. The excuses were holding me back. So, like I do, I started to make lists.

Lists like “pros and cons”—of what in particular? Nothing at first.

Lists like “wants vs. needs”—what I thought my wants and needs were. These were not necessarily accurate, simply my immediate thoughts.

Lists like “dogs vs. cats”–obviously dogs, I mean cats, I mean dogs…

Lists like “do and don’t do”—who even knows where I was going with this one?

Then I started to distill those lists into small baby steps, (See Kim’s analogy of walking across a stream as baby planning steps).

The first thing I had to sort out: “What are my priorities”?

  •  My health
  • My family
  • My studies

Given that list, I moved on to the next step: How could I honor my priorities?

  •  My health

    • Eat well
    • Run at an appropriate rate (# of days and duration to fit my optimal schedule)
    • Self-care around school related stressors
    • Self-care around personal related stressors
    • Accept that my health is important
    • Advocate for myself
    • Uplift others
    • Write that shit down
  • My family

    • Plan uninterrupted family time
      • My husband, whom I had been missing a great deal
      • Puppies! Every puppy needs loving, and every human puppy lover needs snuggle time
      • My parents, who where supporting me with room and board for my entire grad program to ease some of our stress
      • My nieces and nephews, who were closer in proximity than ever and deserved some of my time…and I was craving it as well. There’s nothing like a game of soccer with a three year old and her dolls!
    • Plan uninterrupted study time
    • Remember that family time is important
    • Advocate for my family
    • Uplift my family
    • Write that shit down
  • My studies

    • Plan uninterrupted study time
      • Grad school was my job at this point; treat it as such.
    • Remember that grad school is a privilege & that not everyone who wants to go gets the opportunity
    • Work hard
    • Advocate for myself
    • Uplift others
    • Write that shit down

I began to notice a pattern, & lots of overlap. And, an important factor:

You’ve got to Write That Shit Down.

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