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When we need a kick in the ass, here’s where we go:

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If you love what you do, and have appropriate boundaries around your family and personal life, work/life balance might well look more like work/life integration. Strive to find what works for you, grasshopper.


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If this doesn’t make you want to travel, observe, journal and sketch, I don’t even know you anymore.



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Uppercase: Gorgeous paper, amazing artists, and stories about inspiration, process, studio setup and projects makes for a satisfying & fortifying read for creatives. Go on and buy yourself a subscription. You’re welcome.


copy flower


Thinking outside of the box sometimes means finding a creative way to destroy things. Even abandoned houses.



C Good Design


All around creative genius, awesome guy, and one of my biggest inspirations, Chris Good,  “Fueling Passion with Inspiration”, every single day.


Claire Desjardin


Modern day abstract expressionist painter, fearless leader of creative workshops, puppy lover, and generally kick-ass lady, Claire Desjardin.


Penguin Runner


When I start to feel like I am “less than” because I’m a slow runner John Bingham reminds me that “There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get, you just run.”  Penguin Runners Unite.

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