Unique, Effective, Creative and Simple |Part 1|

Business Plan/ Creative/ Planning: the 1st step toward success

Are you ready to take what you LOVE and make it a lucrative business? Are you ready to step up your game and make your mark with your creative genius?  Are you ready for a business plan?

You have great ideas. You have great products for your customer. You have great intentions, but maybe you are confused about getting your passion organized in a way that makes it profitable.

There is just one thing you need… a Kick-Ass Business Plan.

ACCCK! A WHAT?  How boring is that? You certainly have better things to make/do/create, right?  Well… not if you are looking to grow your business, not if you want something that will help you measure your success, and inspire future endeavors.

But just guess what a business plan is…It’s the tool you have been looking for and it’s something that YOU can do. It’s something that YOU can define. And, it’s something that YOU can tailor to fit your creative genius in any way you can imagine.

Who the heck wants to write a boring ass business plan? Not me! And I’m guessing not you. Numbers make me numb, business-y verbiage makes me cringe, and the idea of making some sort of super structured dry document makes me want to find a magical unicorn to run away with.

But! A business plan doesn’t have to make you feel like that. You aren’t boring, your ideas aren’t boring, and therefore your business plan should and can reflect your passion and commitment to yourself in a unique, effective, creative, and simple way.

Comrades, you can do this.  We will walk you through a way to get your creative genius thinking about your business plan and then help you outline what a Kick-Ass Business Plan should include. 

Remember, you are creative– Your business plan can and should reflect that!

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